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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 5, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we hope you had a great fourth of july. welcome to "right this minute" where we have videos first. a driver makes all the right moves on the road, but -- >> what he didn't plan on was
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this. >> oh! >> see dash cam video from the first hit to the ditch. a guy claims his iphone caught on fire in his pocket, and the video proves it. but -- >> why is it so shaky? >> is that because it's faky? hear what people are saying. when a cop finds your campsite, you know the drill. but see who turned out to be the cool one this time. and a base jumper gets to the edge. >> he's a little shaky. >> and that was before the little parachute problem. >> no. >> no, don't! nick is going to get our show started today with some dash cam footage. >> the driver in this video seems to do everything right. he waits until the line turns dotted before he attempts a pass on the car ahead of him. the lane is completely clear in the oncoming direction but what he didn't brplan on was this. >> oh! >> sends the bus off the oard,
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the dca rand he goes rolling into the ditch on the side of the road. he appears to be okay. the air bag goes off. he tries to get his bearings and obviously he's probably in a little bit of shock. >> the other guy didn't look before trying to change lanes. >> no, you're right. the car right ahead of him, the maroon car, didn't check his cars before he attempted to pass the bus. and if you look at that bus, that's a bus full of people that goes off the side of the road. i did some research, but i couldn't find any information as to what happened after this accident. >> if you rewind the video a little bit, the maroon car did turn on their signal right before they changed lanes, so they did it too quick. it was like flash, change lanes. >> the car with the dash cam is sort of in the blind spot, you know, but still you've got to be sure. >> i'm worried about the people on the bus.
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i think it's safe to say that we all love our iphones. so you can imagine we'd all freak out and iphone users across the world would freak out if this happened. this video is in finland. according to the finish publication sk-24 this is henry halmanin arriving to work with his dad. watch as henry walks from his car, watch his back pocket. >> oh, it's smoking. >> it is smoking. that is apparently his iphone 4s. you see henry quickly take the phone out of his back pocket, throw it on the ground. his dad goes over and examines the phone. he only had it about three months so it was a relatively new phone. >> i've heard of this happening, read reports of it happening and never, ever seen video of it
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happening. >> this video of course has been passed all around the internet. a lot of people are saying, hey, this could be fake. there's no real evidence that this is an iphone in fact. but halmannin says it's real. he says that his pants were ruined from the smoke, they like melted, and he got burns on his fir fingers from taking the iphone out of his pocket and throwing it on the ground. >> if it's a surveillance camera, why is it so shaky? >> a lot of times it's shot from another camera. someone comes in with a camera and shoots that. >> plus some surveillance cameras are outside and wind can move it a little bit. >> people are asking some questions. halmannin is going to talk to apple and his insurance company about getting a replacement. we have reached out to apple but have yet to hear back from them. some vandals broke into a high school. one is 19, the other two are
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juveniles. look what they did over two mornings, thursday and friday. that's right, they hit the school twice. >> the vending machine? >> that is the vending machine. they loaded their bags full of cola. that's all that they were able to get away with and all that they took. >> i think these guys were just trying to go in the school and mess it up. >> school is out, they obviously have nothing better to do than to destroy a school. stupid. >> it's not like there's a huge underground black market for like vending machine sodas. >> right. >> so by stealing all these things, all you're going to do is have a lot of beverages on hand. >> going to the path robathroom >> take a look at some of the damage they did to some of the classrooms. >> this makes me so angry. this is something taxpayers paid for in order to educate the future and all the damage they did, they estimate the cost about $100,000. and all they got away with were
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bags of cola. >> don't you want to be far away from school for summer? school is out for summer. you don't go back to school for the summer. >> go to the pool, see a movie. >> the 19-year-old in the incident is a former student. the guys were wearing bandanas but they were identified and all three were arrested. some crazy video caught by accident on a cell phone camera in eau claire, wisconsin. pay attention to the two orange signs. >> whoa! >> oh! >> unbelievable. >> that was "dukes of hazzard" style. >> a woman named teresa wright stopped near highway 29 in wisconsin because the intense heat had caused part of the highway to buckle. >> from the overpass we could see the big divot, so we stopped to take a picture of it. we had seen a bunch of cars going over slowly and scraping the underside of their cars. >> as you can see from the video, the place where the road is buckled is clearly marked by
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those orange signs. she thought she was taking a picture of the buckled road. >> i accidentally got my phone into video mode somehow. >> did those people get hurt? because that car really launched. >> according to teresa, she did say the people inside the vehicle got out after their car came to a stop, so no severe injuries. >> and the other cars going in the opposite direction dodged a bullet because there was no warning for that whatsoever. >> do you know if there are any other signs before that big bumr north dakota ro in the road? >> what would the sign say, bump. >> teresa even said as you watched the video, she could clearly see the tires roll off of the suv, so the suv lost its tires. the car was severely damaged. but other cars as they even went slowly over this buckle in the road were damaged.
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>> oh, man! a cop shows up at the campground and -- >> i thought we were in trouble. i thought we did something wrong. >> nope. he's there to jam. see what happens next. >> talk about the long hot arm of the law. and climb up the ladder, the big bag is waiting. >> this is like one of those things i've always wanted to do. >> germany's flipping out over [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. [ barking ] george! stop it! stop. oh. it was a nice thought. [ male announcer ] some business decisions are better than others. the best decision is switching to verizon. you're good to go.
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the guy in the red jacket is ivan. he's 28 years old. he's about to base jump 150 meters high. this video was taken in march, but it was just now posted to the web. so he gets on the edge of this platform and you can see he's a little shaky. >> and there's wires there. you don't want to hit into those. >> no, you don't. look at his hand, though. it's shaking. once he lets go and grabs onto
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that pole. he is so nervous. >> this isn't terribly high, is it? >> 150 meters probably isn't enough, but i bet you he is glad it wasn't higher. >> no. >> no, don't! >> he pulls the chute but it fails. it didn't open. and he just plunged to the ground. >> what happened to this guy? >> he did survive the fall, but he did suffer severe injuries, including a fractured pelvis, spinal injuries, lung and brain contusions among other injuries. >> what's so horrifying is to see how nervous he was to begin with as if he didn't want to do it and then to watch that parachute stay so small as he plummets towards the earth. >> and think about the person with the camera, possibly watching this man's death. >> the person looks like they're trying to run to figure out what to do. >> that's got to be the longest climb in that person's life,
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wondering is this person going to be alive when i get to the ground. bunny dances with moose. ♪ a bunny dancing with a stuffed moose, named moose. ♪ when the cops show up at your campsite, i imagine the conversation goes something like, chill, chill, be cool, be cool. but in this case the cop turned out to be really cool. this video was shot by seanus maximus and friends. he's jamming out with these guys in the woods. he eventually communicates and
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says i'm a better drummer than i am guitarist and so they switch. ♪ >> talk about the long hot arm of the law right there. >> how awesome is that? >> it's awesome. there's a guy with no shirt jamming out with a beer in his hand. >> this one guy talks to the camera. >> i thought we were in trouble, i thought we did something wrong. apparently we didn't do anything >> some of the commenters are saying i hope this guy doesn't get in trouble because he was on duty, but i like to think maybe this was a lunch break. this kind of thing goes a long way when you're doing community relations. >> people are going to look at this guy and say, hey, you know what, mounties are cool. >> but when he has to tell guys you know, you're a little too loud, they're more likely to listen to him. >> and it's funny because at the end he gets off the drums and
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starts talking to the guys. >> that was bon jovi, deaf leopard, white snake era. hang on tight, everybody. it's time for a little mountain boarding. >> it's skateboards with big tires on them. >> some summertime fun next, "right this minute." it's an obstacle course in the trees. >> this is the coolest, newest way to challenge your body. >> see how it works and how tough it can be, next. and forget the computer and your mirror. >> this is a modern bathroom. >> see where a really simple solution has families flus 6?
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all right, folks. it's time for a little best of rtm where we tell you about videos that you can find on our website, some bonus videos, if you will. as you know, we're all about video first. >> these people were on a boat excursion in maui and got a pretty big surprise. when i say big, i mean huge, because a whale and a baby whale came close to the boat. the mother whale swam under the boat onto the other side and gave people quite a show. it's worth checking out. of course it's wedding season so we've got t.o.o have
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couple of bouquet toss fails. the lady in the black dress is going to go pretty much head first. >> she bites it? >> she bites it pretty hard. the bonus part of this video is they replay it in slow motion. all you have to do is head over to our website, >> and click best of rtm. i know how much you guys love to challenge yourself. i know you love triathlons and skiing and all kinds of extreme sports. this is the coolest, newest way to challenge your body. this is called flagstaff extreme. it's an obstacle course suspended in the tree tops. basically what you do is clip into a safety rope overhead and you have to navigate through this course, high up in the trees. >> this is awesome. >> isn't it really cool? all kinds of different things. there's vertical walls that you have to climb, narrow at a titi
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ropes and you have to maneuver around logs. >> that is not easy. >> no, it's not easy. >> i love the fact that you don't touch the ground during this whole thing, do you? >> nope. >> just watching this i feel like i broke down some muscle. >> this is like a huge playground for adults. a rock climbing wall and rope swings and balance deems swinging all over the place. if you fall, you're just dangling there. >> after all your hard work, how about a nice trip back down to the ground with a zip line. >> do you have to get off that way? can you just climb down the ladder? >> we'll tell you about the fun of flagstaff extreme as west rescue guides is joining us right this minute via skype. zack, can anybody do this or do you need to be trained to do this? >> anybody can do this. you have to be at least 7 years old to come out on the course. >> wow. so matthew can do it. you're a rescue guide.
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i imagine that means that people have to get rescued. >> sometimes it can get a little too high for people or they just reached their limit, they're too tired to actually finish the course. >> how hard is it? >> it's very physically demanding. if you're not in the best of shape, you will struggle with this course. there's a lot of arm strength and a lot of core involved. only about 50% of people that come out with finish all four adult courses. >> how high up are these courses? >> anywhere from 15 to 60 feet up in the air. you get such a sense of accomplishment once you're done, you feel like you've actually done something. >> we should do this as a "right this minute" team building thing. >> let's do it as a fierce competition. cat in the soup. ♪
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>> you guys thought remote controlled toilets were a modern bathroom element? this is a modern bathroom. >> flush toilet, shower and water that allows you to flush this toilet and keeps this nice water so everything that goes down in the septic tank stays down there. awesome shower gets all the dirt from the day off. >> this is a modern bathroom in rural areas of nicaragua where this video was taken. why? because currently a lot of rural areas have this as a bathroom. >> this type of latrine causes a lot of problems for community members because it doesn't have a lid on it, it's uncovered, which means it's open to flies going down in, bringing back diseases and parasites which are easily contracted pby the children in the communities, which we see frequently here. >> this toddler here has a belly filled with worms from this. it's something that a lot of
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rural areas are battling. but an organization called amigos for christ is going around through different rural areas and building these modern bathrooms for these families. >> having this running water is huge. not a lot to do, just a brick wall and bucket of water. >> are they taking donations to help with this project? >> they are asking people to contribute to their organization so they can continue building these bathrooms. the families pay 10% of the cost, which is about $68. so they're asking for people's help to pay for the remaining 90%. a bunch of pandas having a good time. >> they're going to slide. >> oh! >> yes. the pandas are at play, "right this minute." >> that does look fun. entire video and
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find the links to see where it was shot, go to after a rough day of watching all those tough surveillance police videos, sometimes you just need a couple of pandas. in this video, you've got not one, not two, not three, but four pandas having fun. yes, four pandas going down the slide. >> they walk up the stairs. >> they can walk up the stairs. what's so funny is when they come tumbling down, it's cute. >> whoa! that does look fun. >> and they love it. they're running to go back down it again. i've got to say, and i don't
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say this often, it's impossible not to like this. >> this one tries to climb back up the slide instead of taking the stairs. this one is making it, but i love this. look at the legs. he did a back flip. >> i love it, though. they really do act like little kids. as soon as they get to the bottom, they run back around to the stairs. >> that was gayle's animal moment of the day. nick, this looks like just plain fun, check it out. the big air bag made a stop in germany for a free drop event. when i say big air bag, that's exactly what it is. people jump on it. they're 50 feet up in the air. these guys are just flipping, jumping, launching themselves off the lift. so this thing just travels around, sets up in a park and you can see so if you've got the guts to jump off something that
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high. >> this is one of those things i've always wanted to do. >> i'm sure you can get hurt doing something like this, but it looks pretty safe. it's like the one time you can do a big, huge belly smacker and not get hurt. >> would you do it with flare or just do it straight? >> my only move off the diving board is the super high swan dive. that probably wouldn't work because i'd break my neck so i'd probably do the very safe butt landing. >> i think i'd look like a chicken with my head cut off. >> oh, going down head first. at the very last second he flips over and lands on his back. that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. [ barking ] george! stop it! stop. oh. it was a nice thought. [ male announcer ] some business decisions are better than others. the best decision is switching to verizon. you're good to go. that was fast! thank you. [ male announcer ] speed, reliability, and now with our worry free guarantee, it's the best time to switch. get your choice of terms. no activation fees. a 30-day money back guarantee. flexible scheduling. professional on-site installation. and 24/7 tech support. and now, get a 2nd line. it's all included for just $84.99 a month


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